Beyonce and Jay-Z Avoiding Each Other

Here’s a new scoop from Hollywood power couple Beyonce and Jay-Z. According to our sources, they have not been in good terms with each other even though fans see them doing well on stage. There are a lot of rumors now saying that their marriage is on the rocks. A source that is close to working with the rapper said that the couple were not even together when they were in New York and LA. There are confirmations saying that the two have been avoiding each other if they were not on stage working while the On The Run tour was happening.

One real estate insider even said that Beyonce has been doing some apartment hunting alone in New York along the Chelsea neighborhood. There wasn’t a single shadow of husband Jay-Z at all. But the two has become very professional in front of their fans that they even kissed on stage in one of their shows. According to our researches, the power couple is soon to announce their split just after they finish their tour which is on September 13. On the other hand, we have another source saying adamantly that the two are very happy.

One of Beyonce’s friends defended them saying, “they have issues, like every other couple.”

Well we just hope that their split up is nothing but a rumor. If this happens, it’s going to be one of the latest Hollywood gossips that their fans would watch and it’s going to make them a little bit disappointed. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that they work things out indeed.


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