Beyonce, Jay Z

Beyonce, Jay Z Names Twin Rumi And Sir; Fans Excited

Welcome to the world of five – Beyonce, Jay Z, Blu Ivy, Rumi and Sir.

Yes, after welcoming two new members to the family late May, the celebrity couple has named the daughter as Rumi Carter and the son as Sir Carter.

The Carters have not yet announced the naming officially, but People magazine claims to have a copy of the trademark documents filed by the family to the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Earlier in 2017 the Beyonce and Jay Z company filed similar papers on behalf of Blue Ivy.

The name Rumi may has been taken from the name of 13th century Persian thinker and writer bearing full name as Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi. The poet has influenced languages and literature.

The name Sir is a common word to address a man knighted by the British monarch.

Some of the fans argue Jay Z may have named his son on the name of hip-hop artist Sir the Baptist.

Fans have flooded social media with their own views about the naming. One of the Twitter followers wrote, “Blue, Rumi,, ,Sir, North and Saint will be the next generation of Marvel superheroes.”

Another fan wrote, “Rumi means beauty in Japanese. And Sir is an honorific address. Rumi and Sir Carter.”

One Twitter user commented, “Trying to pretend I love the names Rumi & Sir Carter.”

Throughout the pregnancy the Queen appeared at events including 2017 Grammy Awards and Beauty and the Beast L.A. premiere.