Beyonce Thinks of Divorce

It is now being a talk of the town especially in Tinseltown that Beyonce is considering divorce from her husband of 6 years, rap and hip hop mogul- Jay Z. Since the tour with her husband is about to wrap up, the speculations of their marriage being shaky is now everywhere. Lots of people now are thinking if the couple would still be able to last with their relationship. On the other hand, there are now on going statements coming from different reliable sources saying that Beyonce is thinking of moving on and getting ready for the divorce from her husband. According to a source, Beyonce said that she is done and it’s going to happen after the last shows they are going to with the On The Run tour in France.

The rumor of them splitting has even been fueled since the elevator incident that happened between her sister Solange and Jay Z. The two were caught fighting on cam whilst inside the elevator of the Standard Hotel back in May 5 right after the Met Ball. Beyonce however just remained silent about what happened and instead posted happy photos of her family via her Instagram. But according to some sources that those are just cover ups. Issues like Beyonce scouting for an apartment on her own and also them not being together when they were on tour are just some facts that are contributing to the fact that they might indeed soon end their marriage. There are no final statements from Beyonce or from her reps about the matter and we all just have to wait and see.

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