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Big Ben Restoration Project Starts August 21

The Big Ben restoration project will kick off on August 21 and for another four years it will not sound the hours though it will surely sound on big occasions like the Remembrance Sunday.

The conservation project of the iconic bell in London to cost $3.8 million and it includes the repair work of Queen Elizabeth Tower too that houses it and the clock.

According to keeper of the Great Clock, Steve Jaggs, the four dials will be cleaned and repaired after dismantling the entire mechanism piece by piece. The cast-iron roof will be repaired and work will also be done to stop water seepage.

Big Ben was constructed in 1859 and since then it has stopped several times. However, the maintenance work this time will be the longest. It has 13-foot pendulum.

Big Ben is one of the most famous landmarks of London and the structure is named after Queen Elizabeth II. During World War II it survived German bombing, but one side of the clock face was blown out.

The structure has five bells and the largest is named as Big Ben, which has became the common name for it. It chime the hour while the rest four bells bong the quarter hours.

In 2015 British newspaper columnist Quentin Letts said stopping the Big Ben would be similar to stopping London’s heartbeat. He said in the context of worries over the condition of the tower then and the news struck mainstream press.

Letts added, “This is the marrow in our bones, this old clock.”