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Big Ben Turns Silent For Major Repair Work

Monday, the 21st of August, the iconic clock tower of the Houses of Parliament in London went silent. For the next four years the Big Ben will remain silent while the major repair work takes place.

The 13 ton bell had been chiming without any interruption, through war and peace, for 157 long years with 118 decible bongs, but now the sound seems to be too loud for the workers who will be working on the Elizabeth Tower for repair work.

The Big Ben is London’s most famous site as well as most popular sound too. It has been keeping time over the British capital.

Conservation Architect Adam Watrobski said the major repair will be the most extensive work ever been done on Elizabeth Tower and it has become a necessary to do so. The work will start from the top of the tower and gradually move towards the bottom.

Big Ben was constructed in 1859 and since then it has stopped several times. However, the maintenance work this time will be the longest. It has 13-foot pendulum.

Big Ben is one of the most famous landmarks of London and the structure is named after Queen Elizabeth II. During World War II it survived German bombing, but one side of the clock face was blown out.

The structure has five bells and the largest is named as Big Ben, which has became the common name for it. It chime the hour while the rest four bells bong the quarter hours.