Big Brother House Given Futuristic Face-Lift

LONDON, June 9, 2014 /Emag.co.uk/ —

Summary: Big Brother: Power Trip launches with minimalistic, futuristic design. 

Returning for its 15th instalment, reality TV show Big Brother has been re-branded and re-themed as Big Brother: Power Trip. The television behemoth has been updated and rewired to promote even more contention amongst housemates.

Employing the help of the furniture supplier FADS, the Big Brother interiors team have created a futuristic, minimalistic house designed to control the housemates. Alongside the chic, contemporary fittings, technological fixtures have been built into the very fabric of the house.

A spaceship theme will adorn the famous diary room for the entirety of the series.

Eschewing the natural, organic theme of the house last year, this year’s dwelling combines flowing work surfaces and minimalistic suites with interactive LED walls, touchpads and identity scanners. All of the inclusions have been explicitly designed to promote the atmosphere of control perpetuated by Big Brother and their appointed controlling housemate.

In a new twist for this season, viewers granted housemate Pauline Bennett a certain level of autonomous power over her housemates for the early exchanges. The house bosses have thrown her a number of parties and given her limited invitations to hand out to her favourite housemates.

Additionally, Pauline was straight away asked to choose two housemates to punish and reward. The 49-year-old was told she was to continue to twist events until she is led to make a major decision that will completely ‘change the house forever’.

With low-backed sofa suites in the main living area of the house, there is not even sufficient furnishing for the housemates to sit back and relax whilst Pauline wields her power.

The contemporary design extends to the garden which is finished in a modern, minimalistic style. The Japanese-inspired garden combines water features, subtly designed seating areas and simple, square potted plants.

Putting the pressure on the housemates further, Big Brother have placed pictures of all their faces on the interior walls with colour coding indicating who is in danger of eviction. The housemates will also be granted access to social media channels, allowing them to oversee what exactly the public are saying about them at all times.

The teaser trailer for the new series emphasised the power and control theme with presenters Emma Willis and Rylan Clarke being waited on in a high tower building overlooking a George Orwell-inspired dystopian landscape.

About Big Brother 

Big Brother is a reality TV show, first broadcast in the Netherlands in 1997. The first UK series premiered in 1997.

About FADS 

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The vast product range is constantly evolving and adapting to the fluid tastes of property owners. Stocking hundreds of options for every room of the home, FADS caters for all tastes and budgets.

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