Burhan Wani Day

Birmingham City Council Bars ‘Burhan Wani Day’ Rally Permission

The Birmingham City Council has acted fast over strong protest of Indian government to ban the “Burhan Wani Day” rally that is scheduled to be held on Saturday at Victoria Square.

Burhan Wani was a militant of Hizb-ul-Mujahideen and was killed in an encounter by Indian security forces last year on July 8 in the Tral region of Jammu and Kashmir state in India. The rally is planned to mark the first anniversary of his death.

The Birmingham City Council had earlier granted permission for the “Burhan Wani Day” rally at Victoria Square and this followed with promotional activities by the organizer on social media including posters and leaflets. One of the materials included a picture of the slain militant. It was accompanied with a text reading, “We will take back what is ours forcefully. We will not rest until Kashmir is free from Kuffars and hoist the flag of Islamic Ummah.”

UK has a long history of terror attacks. In the 1970s a paramilitary group by name Irish Republican Army (IRA) attacked several locations of the country and the deadliest was in 1974 when a pub in Birmingham was bombed and 21 people were killed. Later in 1996 the IRA detonated a massive bomb in a Manchester shopping center.

Islamist terrorism has taken over the Irish Republicanism for several years lately and has become a good threat for the British security services. Four British Muslim suicide bombers detonated devices on the London transit network more than a decade ago killing 52 innocent people.