Black worker Divine Tenn couldn’t have more hours at McDonald’s

Black worker Divine Tenn couldn’t have more hours at McDonald’s

Birmingham, United Kingdom – An 18-year old Divine Tenn was in shock after her Asian boss Jaskaran Singh Khela told her she could not have more hours at work in McDonald’s.

In a phone interview, Tenn expressed that she could not believe that racism still exists until today. Her boss said that it was a policy of the store. The boss further added that all black workers are not allowed to have more time. The branch employs a total of 20 black workers, which is one third of the branch’s total number of staff.

Khela, in a phone recording, insisted that “they are not performing.” That is why they are not allowed to take any shifts anymore. However, he only mentioned that two black workers are not performing well.

Divine Tenn has been working for the fast food store in its Birmingham branch since March 2014. There is no specified number of hours in the contract that she signed. But she said that she noticed her shifts had been reduced since July. Her boss did not provide any explanation for the changes in her hours of work. She then asked her other black colleagues and she found out that they have the same experience. Before, she was able to earn £400 a month from her four part-time shifts every week.

Divine Tenn showed her protest against the racial discrimination when she quit from the job. She said that she has worked for the company for more than a year and yet she was treated like that. “I am absolutely disgusted,” she said.

When the company knew about the incident, it released a statement saying that the company is inclusive and does not tolerate any form of discrimination towards employees. It took a decisive action and immediately fired the discriminatory assistant manager Khela.