BlackBerry Launches ‘Notable,’ A Note-Taking App For Android

The smartphone segment of BlackBerry is well documented and it is time to talk about software. The company is trying to make its existence in the apps market too and the first is note-taking app Notable.

BlackBerry launched today Notable app for Android phones and tablets on Google Play Store and it seems the creation has been well received on its Hub+ suite of apps.

Notable is a content creation and sharing app and as of now is only made available for the BlackBerry Android devices. It allows capturing of screen either by inserting an image from gallery or by screencapping. Users can thereafter mark it up through free-form drawing tools or text and finally can share with others directly from the app. It can also be shared through other apps like BBM, Hub, OneNote or Evernote.

Apps like Notable are quite helpful as one can quickly jot down notes which are needed to be shared with friends or colleague, or for the purpose of making revisions or corrections later on a submitted document or artwork. It is far easier than mailing for the same purposes.

Users can also use it to mark a location on a map or else for making a funny meme using pictures. Making a birthday car for a loved one is easy too with Notable app.

BlackBerry said the Notable app is currently made available to BlackBerry apps including PRIV, DTEK50 and DTEK60, and will soon be released for all other Android phones.