Blake Lively Gushes Over The Cheesecake Factory

In a recent interview, Blake Lively discussed over her favorite holiday foods (cookies), the best pizza in New York City but perhaps most shockingly, she gushed repeatedly over a restaurant synonymous with suburban malls: The Cheesecake Factory.

“Cheesecake Factory is great,” the 26-year-old former “Gossip Girl” star told New York magazine. “It should have Michelin stars.”

Lively, who is launching her own website soon, added that while she’s not sure if she’s ever been on a date (yes, she’s married to Ryan Reynolds, though she explained, “I’ve always dated people I’ve been friends with for a long time”), she’d ask to go to The Cheesecake Factory. The only issue? The closest one to her home is across state lines, in New Jersey.

“I would go to New Jersey for Cheesecake Factory and Grand Lux,” she said. “[Grand Lux] is owned by Cheesecake Factory. It’s not fancy in price or menu. There’s just a lot more gold leafing.”

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