Book Review of Being Jordan: My Autobiography

Oh, it’s a juicy and guilty pleasure to be able to quickly read all about Price’s relationships in Being Jordan: My Autobiography, from her first serious, albeit much older and allegedly abusive boyfriend, to her dalliances with race car driver Ralf Schumacher, to singer Gareth Gates, to football player Dwight Yorke, father of her son, Harvey.

All but the first two chapters of Being Jordan: My Autobiography — published July 1, 2005, by Blake Publishing (ISBN No. 978 1 84454 132 4) — deal with individual relationships Price has had. She only skims the surface of her career as a glamour model. Becoming a Page 3 girl for the United Kingdom’s The Sun newspaper, and various assignments she has had, including posing for Playboy, take a backseat to her stories about men.

Katie Price Tells All in Book

Price, from Brighton, England, doesn’t hold back when it comes to the men (dishing about her sex life with them, for instance, but nothing too graphic), but oftentimes she comes across as simply putting down lovers who have crossed her. Declaring a man’s “willy” is on the minimum side just comes off as juvenile. Then again, Being Jordan: My Autobiography was written to sell, and fans of Price may well gobble up such details.

What’s appealing about Being Jordan: My Autobiography is how Price, as a public figure, carried out high-profile relationships. She had to climb a fire escape, for example, in order to visit Gates one night, and meet him in her friend’s apartment, so no one — mainly no one from his camp — would find out about them and risk sending his burgeoning career into tatters.

The Human Side to Katie Price

Every so often readers will catch a glimpse of the more vulnerable side of Price, what makes her human. She admits she hates walking into places by herself because it makes her feel insecure, but such revelations are few. She mentions her family a little, as well, but devotes pages to her decision to undergo breast implants — more than once.

After reading about her relationships (complete with one miscarriage, abortion and the birth of her son), it emerges that singer Dane Bowers was the love of her life, before she met her husband Peter Andre. The two couldn’t quite tear each other apart even after breaking up, and Price fesses up to having sex with him while he was involved with a new girlfriend.

The last chapter of Being Jordan: My Autobiography is all about Andre. Price goes into how she met him on the reality TV show I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here, and how she instantaneously fell for him body, mind and soul. It was a struggle, she wrote, to keep her feelings under wraps, as they were being televised and she had a boyfriend back home. She ended up dumping the guy.