Boyfriend Kris Boyson helps Katie Price remove surgery stitches

Boyfriend Kris Boyson helped Katie Price in removing her rotten surgery stitches to which she said to fans of social media, “Now that is love. Look at that them stitches out. Well done, babes.”

The former Loose Women panelist filmed her new face, the post-surgery face, with a close-up and panning the lens across bed she showed a pair of scissors along with some stitches strewn.

The 40-year-old had earlier been reported to have inspired Kris for getting a new set of teeth.

This is the third facelift procedure for her and in one of her social media shared photos earlier this month she looked unrecognizable. She then called emergency medical help following oozing pus due to infection.

Following the cosmetic procedure she learned to have woke up finding pillowcase covered in yellow discharge.

A source said, “Katie was shocked and in pain and had to call an out of hours NHS doctor… It was a cut behind her ear that got infected and was leaking. It was horrible…”

In April the celebrity was mistakenly live on air without make up while she ran into the Good Morning Britain after getting late due to dense traffic on her route to the studio.

She apologized for getting stuck in traffic jam and being late for the show. However, she discovered she was live on air.

In March she faced two counts of threatening behavior.