‘Breaking Bad’: Is Bryan Cranston Really Done With Walter White?

Warning: “Breaking Bad” spoilers ahead.

It’s over when he says it’s over — and he’s not saying that just yet.

Bryan Cranston, multiple Emmy-award winning star of the multiple Emmy-award winning “Breaking Bad,” has seemingly put Walter White behind him, following the show’s conclusion last fall. And based on that ending, it doesn’t seem particularly likely that Cranston could bring his Heisenberg hellfire and brimstone back to life anytime soon.

But is Walter White actually dead? In an interview with CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield, Cranston gave a seriously cagey response that have some fans wondering if the legendary Heisenberg is truly dead and gone.

“Hey, you never saw bags zip up or anything,” said Cranston. “Or anybody say… you know.”

Indeed, the show never flat-out confirms that Walter dies from his accidentally self-inflicted gunshot wound. He falls to the ground and stares up at the ceiling, seemingly lifeless, but that’s the final image of the show, without further elaboration.

In the “Breaking Bad” finale script, however, writer and creator Vince Gilligan makes it a bit more explicit, describing Walter as “lifeless” in the final shot, with “faint satisfaction” as “his final expression.”

“He got away,” the script reads.

If you take the script as canon, then Walter is definitively dead. But if we’re going solely by what’s on screen, perhaps there’s an out — or perhaps it’s just wishful thinking on everyone’s part.

“Never say never,” Cranston told CNN.

But even if Walt is in that mobile meth factory in the sky, that doesn’t mean we won’t see the character again some day. After all, “Better Call Saul” is just around the corner…

Do you think there’s a chance that Walter White could live again?

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