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BREAKING: Commuter Bus Plows Into Subway Killing 4; Terror Possibilities Ruled Out

Terror attack has been ruled out in the Moscow mishap Monday night when a bus ploughed into a subway at around 3:50 p.m. local time killing four people and injuring eleven others.

The commuter bus ploughed into the pedestrian passage near Slavyansky Boulevard subway station and hit several people.

Television footage circulated on social media shows the vehicle careened down stairs leading to the passage and has hit a number of commuters before coming to a halt.

The driver has been taken into custody and authorities are not considering the incidence as a terror attack or deliberate attack.

Authorities are considering either the driver lost control of the bus or else the vehicle malfunctioned.

State news outlet Sputnik reported, “The driver was detained and the authorities instituted a criminal case citing the services falling short of security requirements and encroachments on the safety regulations for public transport.”

Quoting Sputnik the Russian Investigative Committee said according to the driver the bus suddenly started moving of its own while standing at the bus stop and attempts were made stop it but the braking system malfunctioned.

However, the state media reports five people have been killed and 15 others have been injured.

Manufacturer of the bus said in a released statement there was “a high degree of probability” that the listed bus’ brake systems were not used.

The GAZ Group added, “A preliminary analysis of the details of the incident shows that at the beginning of the movement the wheels of the bus were sharply turned to the right and the bus was moving with a significant deviation from the route.”