powerful quake

BREAKING: Powerful Quake, Aftershocks Hit Turkey, Greece; 2 Dead

At least two people have been left dead and many injured in Turkey and Greece after a massive earthquake of 6.7-magnitude hit the region.

The quake struck at 1:31 a.m. local time and was near to the Bodrum and Datca towns in Turkey and Greek island of Kos in the Dodecanese Islands archipelago.

Both the dead are of foreign origins and are believed to have been killed by the falling ceiling of a building that collapsed, said Kos island’s mayor Georges Kyritsis.

This is the beginning of peak tourist season for Kos and Bodrum and more travelers are expected to arrive Greece in coming weeks. In terms of arrivals Saturday would be a busy weekend and it is yet not known to what extent the quake would effect travelers’ arrivals in the quake-hit areas.

Meanwhile, four flights from Kos to Athens and Athens to Kos have been canceled.

Tourist in Kos said the quake was very strong accompanied with strong aftershocks too.

Adliye mosque in Bodrum is learned to have suffered damage and the place has been presently cordoned off. The coastal roads were flooded after the quake.

According to United States Geological Survey (USGS), the quake was very shallow and about 10km below the seabed.

Immediately after the quake the UK foreign office warned its travelers about aftershocks.

The Chairman of Turkey’s disaster and emergency management presidency (AFAD) said people should be prepared for aftershocks.

About 12 aftershocks were recorded in Turkey and 1 in Greece. Five of the aftershocks were more than 4.0-magnitude.