Sarah Brightman

Brief biography – Sarah Brightman

Born in England in 1960, Sarah Brightman has made her mark in the world on broadway, as a recording artist, and in film. Few people who hear her pure, weightless Soprano voice could ever forget it.

She studied voice at Trinity Music College in London, and later at Julliard. She made her debut when she auditioned for the music “Cats” in 1981. She was cast in the role of “Jemima”, and it was in rehearsals one day that she met the legendary Andrew Lloyd Webber, the composer of “Cats” and many other musicals at that time. Little did she know then that she would go on to marry Webber just three years later.

She went on to perform in a Strauss’ children’s opera titled “Nightingale”, and it was there one evening that Webber came to here her perform, intrigued by the incredible reviews she was receiving.

It was after they were married that Andrew Lloyed Webber created his most outstanding masterpiece. His adaptation of “Phantom of the Opera” is one of the best known musicals of our time. He specifically created the role of Christine Daae for Sarah. This role was later immortalized in film by Emmy Rossum. She played opposite Michael Crawford, who was cast as the infamous Phantom, also known as Eric. The original London cast, including Sarah, recorded “Phantom of the Opera” in 1987. Having sold over 400 million copies, it is considered to be the highest selling cast recorded cd.

Andrew Lloyd Webber could be credited with her early recording career, producing six of her albums. Sadly, Webber and Brightman split around 1990. Sarah however went on to create some of her finest performances.

She has recorded duets with some of the other leading operatic voices on our era, Jose Carrera and Andrea Bocelli. Her duet with Bocelli, “Time to Say Goodbye” may be her best known piece.