Britain To Ban Diesel, Petrol Cars, Vans Sale From 2040

It is true higher levels of nitrogen oxide leads to major public health risk and Britain knows how to curb it. The government has a strategy to reduce the level and announced to be banning sale of petrol and diesel cars as well as vans from 2040.

France too has planned for similar move to make the air clean and better for breathing.

Meanwhile, United Kingdom added the ban step will also hit the hybrid vehicles market to improve the quality of air people breathe.

If believed to some of the ministers in UK the deteriorated quality of air is costing up to 2.7 billion pound in lost productivity in a year.

A government spokesman said, “Poor air quality is the biggest environmental risk to public health in the UK and this government is determined to take strong action in the shortest time possible.”

He added the councils are being additionally funded to help development of local plans in an effort to clean up polluted air on the streets.

Environment secretary Michael Gove will be publishing a final document about his environment plans on Wednesday that will focus on the moves to be taken through councils to such areas where air pollution has breached the EU thresholds. Those could be changing road layouts, retrofitting public transport and altering features like speed humps and roundabouts.

Some urge the entire country should be under such initiative that exists in London in terms of keeping the city have good air to breathe.