london bridge attack

Britain Re-Shocked With Fresh Terror Attack In London; 6 Killed

Six people have been killed in terror attack on London Bridge and nearby Borough Market on Saturday night, at around 10 p.m.

London police confirmed six civilians are dead and London Ambulance Service said at least thirty injured people have been taken to five hospitals.

Police believes the total number of attackers were three. They came in a van and careered onto the sidewalk of the bridge. The pedestrians were mowed by the vehicle.

One of the assailants jumped out of the van and ran into the market with a 12-inch hunting knife, randomly stabbing revellers. Eye witnesses said one of the men was stabbed five times on the chest. He is described as Mediterranean origin.

Armed police responded to the attack immediately and some officers ran to the market to investigate reports of stabbings.

All the three terrorists have been killed.

As of now no terror group has yet taken responsibility of the two attacks.

The London Bridge attack was similar to March 22 Westminster attack that killed around two dozen innocent people.

TV footage of the scene is terrific in which police is seen shouting to clear the place immediately and pedestrians and fleeing in panic.

Unconfirmed sources report the van to be a B&Q and Hertz.

Eyewitness said the men were heard saying this is for Allah.

Social media was flooded with photos, videos and messages. One tweet read, “I need to know if Geoff Ho is ok if anyone can help. Stabbed at Southwark Tavern. Last seen in an ambulance.”