British airport to enhance health screening for coronavirus

British airport to enhance health screening for coronavirus

All the airports in United Kingdom will be taking extra precaution to protect people from coronavirus. Additional checks and enhanced monitoring will be introduced for all direct flights from Wuhan to Britain.

The government said travelers will be adviced what to do when feeling unwell and what are the symptoms of coronavirus.

The Department of Health said a team of health will be meeting the flights from Wuhan into Heathrow to take of those who will be feeling unwell.

Until now nine people have lost their lives due to the virus and all were from the same province in China, Wuhan. Official number reveals 440 people are currently suffering from it.

The government has raised the risk level from ‘very low’ to ‘low’ and several precautionary measures have been carried out.

Health team at the airport will be checking all the passengers coming from Wuhan, the three direct flights a week, for symptoms of coronavirus.

Heathrow airport spokesperson said, “The welfare of our passengers and colleagues is always our main priority and we are working with the government to support the implementation of enhanced monitoring measures as a precaution.”

Deputy director of Public Health England’s National Infection Service, Dr. Nick Phin, said the health team is also working with partners like World Health Organization to gather information on such cases and keep the situation under constant review.

He urged people visiting to Wuhan to remain away from animal and bird markets.