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British Chambers Of Commerce Urges For Delaying Brexit

British business leaders have lately urged the government to delay Brexit if no trade deal is struck with the European Union (EU) even by the end of two-year negotiating process.

The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) was earlier against Brexit and said completing a trade deal within the negotiating process would be ideal outcome.

British Prime Minister Theresa May will be triggering Article 50 for the withdrawal process of UK from EU by the end of March.

The BCC said, “Should this prove impossible, we should seek an extension to the negotiating period to enable completion of both agreements concurrently.”

The business organization will be holding its annual conference in London on Tuesday and Business Secretary Greg Clark as well as shadow chancellor John McDonnel will be among the addressees.

According to BCC director general Adam Marshall, the business communities across the nation need practical considerations and not the ideology or else the politics.

Marshall added what is being debated in Westminster often is not what matters for most of the businesses in UK as most of the business houses care more about an unexpected VAT hit to their cash flow and less about exact process for triggering Article 50.

Experts believe BCC is likely to be disappointed on immigration as it wants to be able to recruit across EU even after the withdrawal from the bloc.

Meanwhile, former Prime Minister Sir John Major lately warned there is a high chance of agreement being not reached within the negotiating period.