British Flights From Sinai Suspended Fearing Egyptian Terror Group

Citing bomb fears Britain suspended several flights from Sinai on Wednesday.

The Russian plane carrying 224 people that crashed on Saturday over Sinai Peninsula region of Egypt is said to have been bombed down by Islamic-State-affiliate group in the country.

A US intelligence analysis suggests the terror group may have planted a bomb on the plane.

According to British Foreign Minister Philip Hammond, the possibility of an explosive device is significant to have caused the crash.

A Middle East source too believes now someone may have placed a bomb on the Metrojet Flight 9268 that killed all the 224 people on board. It crashed after breaking apart in midair and debris scattered across seven square miles of desert.

The aircraft was following the route from the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh to St. Petersburg.

Earlier, immediately after the crash, the Islamic State’s affiliate in Egypt claimed responsibility for it, but Russian and Egyptian agencies played down that terrorism was to blame.

After the new update from US agency on Wednesday suspecting their role, the group has reiterated its assertion in an audio clip taunting the Egyptian and Russian officials.

The group said in tape to search for black box and analyze it. In coming days they will also be revealing the mechanics used in bringing down the plane.

On Wednesday night Hammond appeared on television announcing flights from Britain to Sharm el-Sheikh are to be suspended indefinitely and under emergency procedures all the Britishers in the city to return home.

The new announcement of Britain will surely raise speculation the claims of terror group could be accurate.