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British PM Theresa May Calls For General Election To Secure Brexit Mandate

June 8 may come as a new voting day for Britons to secure Brexit mandate. Prime Minister Theresa May has called for general election, stunning Westminster, to get clear lead and a healthy parliamentary majority to secure her vision for the withdrawal of United Kingdom from European Union bloc.

The statement was unscheduled Tuesday morning as her repeated stand was very clear earlier not to go for polls before 2020.

The PM said a general election is needed now and supporters says she would use it to crush dissent over Brexit.

Election expert Michael Thrasher suggested May could secure 140 on the basis of current polls.

Thrasher added Labour may slump to 164 from 229 and Tory MPs could go up to 395 from 331.

However, May cannot call for polls directly as per the Fixed-term Parliaments Act. A motion in the House of Commons need two-thirds of MPs to support it. The Scottish National party and Liberal Democrats as well have vowed not to back it and with this the Commons could be dissolved on May 3.

May had earlier said the entire nation is coming together in support for Brexit but Westminster is not.

She added that the Labour party has recently threatened to vote against the final agreement that would be reached with the EU.

The Scottish National party meanwhile also said to be voting against the legislation and Liberal Democrats too is talking about grinding the business of government, continued May.

Tony Blair warned voters the damage will be huge to Britain with unrestrained Brexit at any cost.