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British PM Theresa May Stopped By Angry Crowd From Entering Church

British Prime Minister Theresa May faced immense criticism on Friday by angered mob on her visit to St Clement’s Church.

The people were provoked to chase her out after the PM failed to visit the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire.

People gathered outside the church shouting the PM should come out and face them. One of them chanted, “Get her out! Get her out!”

Another from the angry crowd shouted, “Why have you brought her here? If she cared she would have come yesterday.”

After about forty minutes a riot van moved up and forward to part crowd. May’s Range Rover thereafter followed the security vehicle.

Seeing her car bending forward a woman chanted, “She’s come out the back.”

The Range Rover started speeding and around seventy people rushed towards it. Police attempted barricading the vehicle by creating a human barrier between the PM car and the crowd who were trying to bang on the windows.

One of the women from the crowd said the police stopped her while she was running after the PM’s car and so she jumped on the bonnet of a parked car and shouted at May, “You are going to start a riot here!”

Another woman said the people gathered at the church to let the PM know she was not welcomed.

She added no one wanted to hurt the PM and so she should not have returned.

A man said, “The word went round: ‘Theresa May is here’, and it started spreading.”