British Vogue Celebrates 100 Years Featuring Centenarian Majorie Gilbert

British Vogue celebrates 100 years and in the best way of course. The magazine features Majorie Gilbert, who too turned 100 this year, in the May issue.

The centenarian is known as Bo in the latest issue. She has lived alone in a supportive housing facility in Birmingham for past 26 years. She has never earlier modelled. She was discovered by Harvey Nochols’ advertising agency Adam and Eve.

The agency found an article in local paper featuring Bo for her 100th birthday and with this she becomes the oldest model of Vogue.

Bo said she was shocked at the offer and it was honor to her though unbelievable. She had never thought of modelling.

In the May issue of Vogue she is seen wearing a bright fuschia coat by Dries van Noten, tailored trousers by The Row, a Victoria Beckham black top, shoes by Celine, Lanvin necklace and bespoke Valentino glasses.

Bo is seen sitting on sofa, having cup of tea and holding birthday card from the Queen.

Bo always had loved fashion and love wearing nice things that is appealing. She said, “I dress for myself, I never dress up for boys.”

Bo was born on January 12, 1916, during the days of first world war (WWI). At the age of 11 she moved to Birmingham from Aberdare in Wales. For 47 years she worked at a cardboard box manufacturing company called Bostons.

She met her life partner Dennis at a dance. Together they had a daughter named Stephanie. Both are not alive but Stephanie’s husband Peter often visits her.