Britons Should Unite During Brexit Process: Theresa May’s Christmas Speech

British PM Theresa May said Friday people should come together to help the country leave European Union successfully.

Her upbeat Christmas message looked like an attempt to address the split Britons into supporting Brexit or opposing the same arguing leaving European Union could turn up disaster for the country.

May added there are much to celebrate in 2016 including Queen’s 90th birthday and and the country’s successes in Olympic and Paralympic Games.

She further said as long as United Kingdom is confident about the future, there are much to celebrate this year and they will work together with international partners to promote trade.

She said, “As we gather with our friends and families at this time of year we proudly celebrate the birth of Christ and the message of forgiveness, love and hope that He brings.”

May also talked about her background having grown up in a vicarage being a daughter of a vicar and she knows very well how demanding things can be when one works over the Christmas too.

The prime minister also addressed the Armed Forces in a separate video message saying the country will do more to help servicemen and women as well as their families next year.

She added Britain’s troops are the finest in the world and during the Christmas and New Year holiday period about 5,000 armed forces will remain deployed on operations in several places including in the country.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson too sent Christmas message saying he is looking ahead to cheer up countrymen left downcast this year.