Bruce Campbell on Army of Darkness 2

Ash may rise again for another rematch with the Evil Dead.

The new version of the cult classic is out now in cinemas but the long awaited true sequel is still on the cards, in a recent interview with Digital Spy Bruce Campbell spoke about the potential return of Ash J Williams;

“We were not seriously talking about another Army of Darkness until about six months ago. Now we’re actually talking about it and Sam is going to have a whack at it with his brother this summer. That’s what he’s threatening to do. But this has been threatened before.”

There’s been speculation that Raimi is keen to merge the worlds of the new and original versions in a future sequel, Campbell didn’t give any details as it’s too early to tell what the Raimi brothers will come up with but he did add; “There is no storyline. There’s zero storyline. There’s nothing, no ideas, there are random thoughts on a couple of snaps of paper, napkins and menus. Beyond that, this is a story that has to be pulled out of Sam’s brain.

Evil Dead is out now in cinemas and a special Blu Ray edition of Evil Dead 2 has just been released.

Evil Dead Trailer

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