Building Better Humans With 12 Parenting Principles

WHEATON, Ill., June 4, 2014 /Emag.co.uk/ — This is a book you’ll wish your dad had read! Grounded in 12 proven principles, Building Better Humans, The Book You Wish Your Parents Had, helps parents release great kids out into the world.  With humor and humility, authors David and Lisa Davoust guide parents through the expected and unexpected challenges of parenting. 

“Our goal as parents should be to raise up children who can be positive members of society when we are not around to take care of them,” reflects author David Davoust, “From cradle to college, parenting is filled with tough decisions and frequent doubt but it is certainly not an impossible task.”

Each chapter offers down-to-earth actionable advice that will benefit every member of the family.  Building Better Humans addresses timely topics including communication, social skills, punishment, money and work, technology, and kids in crisis.  Infused with tremendous insights and charming illustrations, this book is an easy and enjoyable read for even the most harried of parents. 

ABOUT THE AUTHORSWheaton, Illinois residents, David and Lisa Davoust, have had the privilege of teaching on marriage and family issues for over 20 years in the U.S. and around the world. Parents of three children, the Davousts are on the front lines of parenting.  They’ve faced sleep-resistant newborns and freedom-craving teens.  As businesses owners, they experience the strong pull of work versus home.  “When you’re in the everyday messiness of life, you have little time to reflect on your job as a parent,” explains Lisa Davoust, “David and I wrote this book to give parents very practical, actionable principles that can be applied to every family.”

Building Better Humans, a 136-page book, was released on March 14, 2014 by Robis Publishing.  For more information and story ideas, visit www.buildingbetterhumans.com

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