Burlesque Scene In The North Of England

Dita Von Teese brought Burlesque into the mainstream through her appearances in popular magazine Playboy. Since Dita reintroduced the world to the classical striptease form of Burlesque, the scene has flourished across the world, revealing some incredible talented and innovative performers.

When people think of culture in England, they immediately think of London, and to be fair, London has a very strong Burlesque scene, including the annual London Burlesque Festival and nights such as The Pigalle Club, Volupte and Cafe de Paris. However, surprisingly to some, the North of England has its fair share of tassel twirling lovelies too and some amazing nights too!

The Burlesque Talent of the North

The north sure has some amazing talent: Diva Hollywood, Anna Fur Laxis, Frankii Wilde, Warren Speed, Scarlett Daggers, Millie Dollar and Missy Malone to name a few.

From Liverpool, Diva Hollywood showcases her 50s movie star looks with a array of intelligent, hilarious and fantastically costumed acts. Including a a comedic puppet act with classic fan dance called The Black Swan and a stunningly beautiful fan dance called Starlight which features head dress and fans emblazoned with white LEDs. Diva perfectly combines comedy with classical burlesque. Diva, is also responsible for bringing Dr. Sketchy’s Anti Art School to Liverpool.

From Leeds, Anna Fur Laxis recaptures the pin-up looks of Bettie Page (her portfolio includes a Bettie tribute act). Creating acts with a cheesecake pin-up feel, a sense of humour and creative costumes, often made by herself! Her latest addition to her portfolio is a never before seen axe throwing strip tease! Anna shows dedication to her art with her immaculate appearance and breath-taking costumes, her Memory of a Goldfish act is not to be missed, due to its innovative use of costume. Anna is an international performer and model.

From Middlesborough, Frankii Wilde, a young performer, model and promoter, models her look on the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield. Frankii hosts Middlesborough Burlesque night The Headline Honeys. Her acts are classic burlesque with a cute twist. She likes sparkle and pink and always has amazing hair and make up!

A Northern Burlesque article would not be complete without a mention of Warren Speed, from Newcastle. The rare thing that is Boyesque! Warren is definitely a joker, performing burlesque as Charlie Chaplin, he also runs Growling Clown Entertainment.

Other performers worth a mention include: Millie Dollar, Scarlett Daggers, Zara Ann, Missy Malone and Amelie Soliel.

Burlesque Nights in the North

The north has a number of regular burlesque nights, below are some of the most well known.

For Leeds, The Wet Spot at the Wardrobe is a monthly event showcasing a mixture of cabaret and burlesque acts, both local and international! Sponsored by the lovely shop Rose & Co and with artwork by Kev Grey. This is definitely one to watch.

Burlesque performer and teacher Bella Besame holds The Slippery Belle every month in Manchester, she often allows recent students to make their debut as well as inviting more established performers.

In Middlesborough, The Headline Honeys is a monthly occurrence, with a very low ticket price, featuring regular appearances from Frankii Wilde, Betty D’Light, Zara Ann and Trixie D’licious as well as many well known performers such as Anna Fur Laxis.

In Liverpool, performer Millie Dollar runs the Martini Lounge. The city also hosts Dadalesque and evenings of Burlesque at the Royal Court.