womens leather boot

How To Buy Perfect Pair Of Womens Leather Boots

Buying perfect pair of Womens Leather Boot is not an easy task and below tips will help you how to get for yourself:

• Knee length boots should fit around the lower part of your leg snugly. Not too tight but definitely with no gap. Knee high boots lengthen the look of your legs.
• Midway length boots should again fit the same around the lower part of your leg. These will lengthen the overall look of your legs and make them appear slimmer than they actually are.
• If you are choosing a cowboy boot the fit is not as snug around your calves.
• The fit of ankle boots varies on the style. Ankle boots should fit snugly around the top part of your foot to be comfortable but not tight so as to restrict ankle movement.
• If your legs are slim opt for a pull on boot as these tend to fit better around your calves and are usually smaller at the top, leaving no gap.
• If you don’t have slim legs I strongly recommend opting for a zipped or tied boot.

It is to take note that manufacturers change the top widths each season and these usually come wider. Below are some details:

• Zipped or slip on ankle boots will usually always fit all.
• Very short ankle boots should be worn under jeans or trousers. Wearing ankle boots with your legs on show will actually make your legs look shorter.
• Choosing womens leather boots with a heel will lengthen, shape and make your legs appear slimmer.

Do know that the added advantage to heels is they lift your bum on average by 25%.