Calorie Info Required on Vending Machines Under New Health Law


2014 will bring a new year along with some new health laws. What can be considered either good or bad news to vending machine junkies the FDA is requiring vending machines to be display calorie counts. The new labeling procedures are included in President Obama’s health care reform.

The final rules on labeling are expected to be released early next year but the FDA is optimistic that the move will better inform consumers to make healthier choices. No offense, but I’m not searching the bottom of my desk drawer for quarters just so I can get an apple, I’m just trying to get my afternoon Snickers fix.

Nearly five million machines across the U.S. will have to get updated with new caloric info. Costs to the vending machine industry to make these changes will be upwards of $25.8 million to start and $24 million every year after. Though the cost seems high savings to the health care system would be just as much assuming “0.2 obese adults ate 100 fewer calories per week”.

Opinions regarding the move have been mostly negative with companies affected by the new laws mostly concerned about the lack of return on investment, employee time spent updating the machines every time they restock and the sheer number of machines that have to be changed to comply with the regulations. Opposed consumers believe the whole thing is a waste of time considering that people usually turn to vending machines when there’s nothing else around.

Companies have a year to comply so expect to see your office vending machine get a healthy makeover within the year.

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