Cambridge Students Keep Tabs on Prince William with Controversial Hashtag #WheresWilly

Prince William’s first-day-of-school jitters may be over, but the chatter of his presence on the Cambridge campus is still bubbling.

Students at England’s University of Cambridge, where Prince William began as a full-time student Tuesday, say they will continue to use a #WheresWilly hashtag to track the prince’s whereabouts, despite accusations that their work has led to William’s being harassed.

The controversial blog and hashtag were created by editors of the undergraduate student website, The Tab, who wrote online that they have received “serious but unjustified” threats over the publications.

Even so, the editors have vowed to carry on with its usage, writing in a blog post that they are “intending to continue with #WheresWilly,” and that they are “not encouraging any harassment of Wills,” and that, no, they “will not be offering any Tab t-shirts as prizes.”

Despite the controversy, though, the hashtag has yet to pick up much traction on Twitter, a likely relief for the Duke of Cambridge, 31, who will be spending the next 10 weeks at Cambridge in daily classes.

Prince Farming, as the duke has now been dubbed, will be studying agricultural management in a course designed to prepare him for when he inherits the Duchy of Cornwall estate.

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