Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore Hooked Up?

Back in April of this year, Cameron Diaz made a statement that she’s been with a woman. Now there are lots of speculations that she did hook up with fellow Charlie’s Angel star- Drew Barrymore. Perhaps Barrymore was the easy target of the rumor because of the statement she said before that she’s bi-sexual. People do love to speculate and they love a good gossip. These are all the words of Diaz and she eventually set the record straight about the whole issue that it wasn’t Barrymore she was involved with. She even said that whole rumor about it made her want to throw up in her mouth. And only because she sees Barrymore as a sister that is completely understandable.

Diaz said that it’s only normal for people to explore and try new things and if they like it, they either continue and if they don’t, well they could walk away from it and walk further from it. But she said she is someone who wouldn’t say NEVER on trying something new. Because according to her, that’s like almost making an embarrassment out of other people’s choices or preference. As to who she was involved with, well it’s understandable as well that she didn’t mention any names. She definitely wants to keep that stuff private.

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