Cameron Diaz Reveals Her Favorite Diet Splurge

It’s hard to believe that Cameron Diaz ever had some kind of skin issue, but she did.

In a new interview with Seventeen magazine, the “Body Book” author opened up about the “deep, boiling pimples” that plagued her throughout adolescence.

“I didn’t want to leave the house. My friends said they didn’t notice, but I’d say, ‘It’s the only thing anyone can see!'” she revealed. “No amount of concealer and foundation could take away the texture of my skin, the embarrassment I felt, or the pain of those raging pimples. I was miserable.”

However, she admitted that there was a reason for her skin problems: She wasn’t living a healthy lifestyle. At the time, Diaz, now 41, said that she was naturally skinny, and therefore, didn’t think she had to worry about what she ate. “If you really are what you eat,” she said, “I would have been a bean burrito with extra cheese, extra sauce, no onions! Sometimes on a Friday-night drive-through run, I would order a double cheeseburger with french fries and onion rings.”

After cutting out “all that fried, greasy, processed, artificial crap,” she noticed that her acne was fading and her energy level was increasing. Her cravings changed too, and she began eating foods such as avocados and tomatoes because of the way they made her feel.

Diaz also said she took up surfing and snowboarding — two of her favorite ways of working out. But that doesn’t mean she never pigs out — her guilty pleasure is still onion rings — but now she tries to make sure she stays balanced.

“When you start taking care of your body, you not only appreciate what it can do, but you appreciate those moment of treating yourself, too!” she said.

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