Can working with a translation agency improve your company image

Can working with a translation agency improve your company’s image?

The good old days when UK companies would limit their efforts strictly to theirlocal, home market and still be able to prosper are long gone. Nowadays, in the era of globalisation and technological developments, even small businesses must look beyond their home ground in order to find new customers and therefore survive, especially within some of the most competitive business sectors.

Working within your home market is relatively easy. Your customers speak the same language as you, they have similar values, customs and traditions. Whether you’re a local dentist or a larger company, there isn’t much that can surprise you in their behaviour and therefore it is easier for you to adjust and tailor your offer specifically for them and consequently influence their decision. The trouble might start however, when you decide to approach foreign markets or are trading in a multicultural city, such as London.

Especially when approaching a new, foreign market, there is a large number of barriers which businesses must overcome in order to be successful.

One of the most important factors, which can have a direct impact on your international expansion is language. Over 90% of customers who purchase products online regularly from suppliers based abroad, say that they are more incline to commit to a purchase, if the information about the products/services is provided in their native language.

As you can see, translation services can be an extremely important aspect, which in some cases simply must be incorporated within the internationalization plan and budget. An agency specialising in providing business translations guarantees that your content will not only be accurately translated, but also carefully localised so that it reflects your customers and is tailored specifically to their behavior.

Often, the outdated one-for-all concept of approaching every market with exactly the same content simply doesn’t work. Although much cheaper in short-term, this may cause brand damage and therefore extra costs in the long run. Working with a professional translation agency will guarantee that each of your target markets is approached from an individual angle and with a tailored method.

Undoubtedly, just because something worked successfully in your home market, does not mean it will also be fruitful abroad. A great example of this could be the use of colour white within your marketing material. Whilst in Europe the colour symbolises cleanliness and purity, in China and other Asian markets, this colour is often associated with death. Ensuring that such nuances are paid attention to and tailored specifically for the foreign market you’re about to enter, can uphold a professional image of your company and help you to avoid committing any faux pas.

Translating your material can also directly influence your company image. By showing each of your customers that you can adopt to their needs and provide information about your products and services in their native language, your company will appear professional. A number of business owners, especially from smaller organisations, decide to use software available online for free, such as Google Translate. Although this software is ideal for translating simple text, and can allow you to communicate with friends and family abroad, it simply isn’t yet intelligent enough to translate business material. Such materials must not only carefully localised, but also completely error free. This is especially true for businesses which are new to the international market and are on their way of building a strong brand.

If a customer visits a website, which contains grammatical or other language errors and isn’t localised to their customs, it may paint an unprofessional image of the company in their mind and consequently influence their decision making and consumer behaviour.  

As you can see, whether approaching new customers in a multicultural city or expanding your business abroad, professional translation services can play a significant role in your company’s success. If conducted correctly with the help of an agency specialising in such work, translation can truly positively influence your company’s image.