Canada prepares to ban single-use plastic products by 2021

In 2021 no single-use plastics will be used in Canada and the government is soon to come up with a list mentioning which products will be included and which will be exempted.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the ban as currently the country is able to recycle just about 10 percent of the plastic products used.

Similar initiative was also modeled in 2018 by European Union and several other countries.

United Nations revealed 180 member nations reached to a deal lately to help in curbing amount of plastic products ending in the oceans.

At least 32 countries banned plastic bags earlier this year. It includes three US states.

Trudeau said plastic pollution is a global challenge. His announcement of ban came amid such a time when Canada is just few months away from the next general election.

The campaigns this election is learned could be equipped with pollution, climate change and other such issues.

Trudeau said the ban is a big step for the government but it can be possible by 2021.

A study reveals plastic bottle takes 450 years to biodegrade while stryrofoam cup needs fifty years. Similarly, aluminium cannot be biodegraded before two centuries while nappy before 450 years. Fishing line is capable of degrading itself in 600 years.

A recent tweet of Trudeau read people in the country are now tired of seeing plastic waste everywhere, in beaches, parks, streets and shorelines.