Coventry, Cleveland’s Hippie Hangout, Has Arts To Attract Tourist


Visitors to Cleveland looking for something off the beaten path will be happy to discover that beyond the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame there are many bohemian and arty neighborhoods in the city, each with its own unique character…

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What is Saltwater Aquarium Filtration

Most saltwater aquarium systems require external filtration. The primary purpose of filtering your aquarium’s water is to remove organic waste created in the system. While this is an essential part of maintaining an aquarium, many beginners are overwhelmed with the…

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Cirque de Soleli Aerialist Dies Performing In Tampa, Florida

Cirque de Soleli Aerialist

Cirque du Soleil performer, Yann Arnaud, died Saturday night in Tampa, Florida, while performing during the show “VOLTA.” The aerialist plummeted to the stage and was taken to a nearby hospital for medical attention, but died. CEO and president of…

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World Heritage Sites in United Kingdom

world heritage site

What do the Giant’s Causeway, Stonehenge and the Ironbridge Gorge have in common? They were among the first seven UK landmarks to become World Heritage Sites, shortly after Britain ratified the World Heritage Convention in 1984. By 2008 another 20…

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Burlesque Scene In The North Of England


Dita Von Teese brought Burlesque into the mainstream through her appearances in popular magazine Playboy. Since Dita reintroduced the world to the classical striptease form of Burlesque, the scene has flourished across the world, revealing some incredible talented and innovative…

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Tips On Buying, Restoring Vintage Rattan Chairs

Vintage Rattan Chairs

Vintage rattan chairs became popular shortly after the Second World War when soldiers returning from war brought back items in remembrance from the pacific islands in the south. Rattan chairs were referred to as either Hawaiian, Polynesian or Tropical deco.…

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How To Open Pool When Summer Approaches

How To Open Pool

As warm weather approaches, you’ll want to open your pool. Follow these instructions for the proper way to open a pool. You need to remove the cover before you can do anything. The First Step is to remove any leaves…

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Britney Spears’ Floral Watercolor Painting Auctioned For $10K

britney spear

Britney Spears seems to have lately become a professional artist. Her venture into a floral watercolor painting is now a wild success. It is sold for $10,000 at a charity auction on Monday at Las Vegas’ Venetian Hotel. Longtime host…

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Advantages Of Getting Designer Furniture

designer furniture

A designer furniture in a room often invites a good reviews and comments from the visitors. It gives good points for the owner who has invested his money into it. An ordinary and plain furniture looks very odd and dull…

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Richard Murphy’s Edinburg House With Hidden Bath, Disappearing Walls Awarded Best By RIBA

Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has listed house of the year to a home in Edinburgh that is equipped with hidden bath and disappearing walls. The five-level house boasts a folding corner wall, a roof terrace and sliding bookshelf…

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