Extravagant British Vogue Cover Featuring Rihanna In September

Japanese flower artist Makoto Azuma travelled to London for British Vogue’s September cover shoot with just a pair of scissors in his kit. He ordered the botanicals (many of them rare) that would adorn Rihanna’s head in advance from London’s…

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Tim Booth Clarified His New Album Is Not About Donald Trump

Singer Tim Booth made it very clear that his band James’ latest album, Living in Extraordinary Times, is not an album about Donald Trump.The opening track Hank makes no attempt to pretend it’s anything other than a full-on musical assault…

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Rape Claim Against Backstreet Boys Singer Nick Carter Under Review

The rape allegation leveled against Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter earlier this year has now hit the desk of the L.A. County DA and they’re considering whether to file charges.Law enforcement sources tell us the case was submitted to the…

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Rapper Stabbed On The Street Of London

Siddique Kamara,a rapper in London’s drill music scene, who was cleared of murder earlier this year, has been stabbed to death. Victim Siddique Kamara, also known as Incognito and SK, was cleared at the Old Bailey in January of murderingAbdirahman…

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Ella Mai topped the US R&B

Ella Mai, a 23-year-old from south London, is currently at number one with Boo’d Up, a soulful infatuation anthem she first released last year. It makes her the first British to reach the summit since Lisa Stansfield hit number one…

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Logan Paul Pulled Out From Radia 1 Interview

Radio 1 has pulled an interview with YouTuber Logan Paul.There had been a lot of criticism when it was announced he was going to appear on Charlie Sloth’s show on Thursday night.Charlie Sloth spoke about the issue on his show…

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Sir Cliff Richard To Recieve £850,000 As His Legal Expenses

A judge ruled last week that the BBC had infringed the singer’s privacy in its reporting of a South Yorkshire Police raid on his home in 2014, and awarded him £210,000 in damages. Sir Cliff was never arrested or charged…

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Early Years of Tyrone Power and How He Became Hollywood Star

Tyrone Power

Tyrone Power, Jr., also known as Tyrone Power, III, came from a long line of famous performers. His great-grandfather, also named Tyrone Power, was a famous Irish comedian whose youngest son, Tyrone’s grandfather, Harold Littledale Power, was a stage actor…

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Will Meghan Markle Make Prince Harry Become Vegan

meghan markle - prince harry

Meghan Markle is a self-declared partial vegan and it is now to see whether Prince Harry too follows the same. It could be possible as she encouraged him to quit cigs and eat healthy. In one of her intrviews about…

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Katy Perry Comments Private Message Publicly Out of Mistake for Orlando Bloom

Katy Perry - Orlando Bloom

Following a brief separation Katy Perry came closer to Orlando Bloom lately once again and accidentally revealed to the world how much she is in need of a season pass for his ass. The 33-year-old is on Witness world tour…

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