These beverages cause weight gain

fruit juice

Many people watch what they eat, but don’t watch what they drink. Beverages that many people drink often, such as soda and alcohol, are loaded with calories, which can contribute to weight gain. The average American gets a fifth of…

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Top 3 Tips for Choosing Cheeses

Top 3 Tips for Choosing Cheeses

Popularly used as an ingredient in innumerable dishes and a delicacy that many of us enjoy, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who cannot appreciate good cheese. While this dairy product is famous for its cheddar and Swiss variants, there…

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The Delight of Tawny Port

Tawny Port

While uncomplicated to make, Port is made in a bewildering variety of styles, ranging from wines designed for immediate enjoyment to those that require as long as twenty years of cellaring. They can be found at prices under $10 or…

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What is a whole grain; how much serving needed in diet

whole grain

A whole grain is any grain that still has it’s endosperm, bran and germ in it’s original proportion. The bran and germ are what make the whole grain substantially better for you. An enriched grain has had the bran and…

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Where to Buy German Food on the Internet

german food

Anyone that has ever visited Germany, lived there, or has German roots will remember the sausages, breads, schnitzels, and baked goods. Street vendors sell curry wurst – a favorite snack, while cafes dish out scrumptious tortes. Although many of these…

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A vegetarian Christmas is more than a nut roast

Christmas Nut Roast

At Christmas time the meat-eaters at the table will probably have a vast choice of not only meat but also roast vegetables, typically drenched in goose fat. Unfortunately most people struggle for inspiration when it comes to a vegetarian Christmas,…

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Cold Weather Cooking: Braising


In northern climates, inclement weather and short days force people away from their outdoor barbeques. Braising, stewing and roasting take over as the cooking methods of choice and hearty slow cooked dishes provide comfort on cold nights. The method tenderizes…

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Setting up an English Vineyard

English Vineyard

Choosing the Vineyard Location In Britain choice of vineyard location is limited to the southern parts of England and Wales, for general warmth and length of sunshine hours. Even then, English and Welsh wines are produced at the northernmost limit…

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Where to Eat in Venice

Al Bottegon, Dorsoduro 992

Venice has some of the best food in Italy, but like any place that’s popular with tourists, you should avoid the tourist traps if you want to eat well. Venice isn’t the easiest city to find your way around, and…

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Wheterspoons Pub Chain Bans Dog Entry

Wheterspoons Pub Chain

From Monday dogs will be not allowed to all the pubs (nearly 1,000) of Wheterspoons, biggest pub chain in the country. The policy existed since 1979 but was not enforced and the new move cites even well-behaved ones can be…

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