Do You Know When Britishers Started Drinking Beer


We all enjoy a nice pint of beer now and again and why not, but what do you know about the drink in United Kingdom. Beer has been drunk in Britain since the Neolithic period, and possibly even earlier if…

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How To Make Candy Bar Caramel Apple, Monster Caramel Apples

Candy Bar Caramel Apple

Caramel Apple Making caramel apples with candy bars is a good way to use up any candy you have. This is a simple recipe that tastes like you bought them from a gourmet shop. You will need the following: •…

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Does Fish In Diet Reduce Depression?


Researchers from Medical College of Qingdao University in China are suggesting people to eat fish-rich diet as it will make them less depressed. The suggestion is based on one of the earlier studies that found the fish in diet helps…

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FSA Warns Not To Use Reusable “Bags For Life” To Carry Raw Meat


A separate bag should be used to carry raw fish and meat instead of reusable “bags for life,” alerts new guideline from Food Standards Agency (FSA). The official website of FSA writes such bags may spread deadly food poisoning bacteria…

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KFC Launches 30th Anniversary Android Phone With Huawei

kfc phone

Some interesting special edition phones have knocked the market over past several years to commemorate or celebrate certain event and with the same purpose Huawei has launched a KFC Android phone in China. 2017 is the 30th anniversary of KFC…

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Nestle To Shift Blue Riband Factory From Britain To Poland; 300 Jobs At Risk

Nestle To Shift Blue Riband Factory

Nestle will be shifting its Blue Riband chocolate biscuit production from Britain to Poland and with this about three hundred people will be thrown out of jobs. The Swiss confectionery giant however denied the move is due to the Brexit,…

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Diet Drink Leads To Stroke, Dementia: Study

diet drink risks

In a new study researchers find diet drinks are more harmful to health than drinks sweetened with sugar and may risk stroke or dementia. A team of scientists from Boston University conducted the study and said the diet drinks should…

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Taiwan Bans Sell, Purchase, Eating Of Dog, Cat Meat

In your next visit to Taiwan you may not be served with cats or dogs meat. The country has made amendment to the animal protection laws and put a ban of the selling, purchasing and possession of it. Earlier too…

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First Quarter Of 2017 Saw Slow Spending Growth: UK Index

uk consumer spending

Household spending growth has slowed to the lowest since 2013-end and price rise is to be blamed, reveals Visa’s UK Consumer Spending Index. During the period of January to March this year the annual spending rose by 0.9 percent. This…

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Food Prices High In UK Amid Brexit Process

high food prices

Hike in food prices was the highest in March compared to all the ups in past more than three years and retailers blame Brexit is the main cause and pound too has been hit along with global commodity hikes. The…

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