McDonald’s Sticks Franchisees with 10 Million Pounds of Unsold Mighty Wings

Here’s a story that’s equal parts “ew” and “ugh,” and it starts with an enormous batch of chicken wings. According to the Wall Street Journal, a failed fall promotion of McDonald’s new Mighty Wings has left franchisees with approximately 10…

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Celebrity Chef Curtis Stone Juices With 2-Year-Old Son Hudson Every Morning

It doesn’t get any cuter than celebrity chef Curtis Stone waking up every morning to juice with his 2-year-old son Hudson. “The first thing he says to me [in the morning] is ‘Make juice dada, make juice dada.’” Stone, 38,…

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Wendy’s Worker Canned, Arrested After Ashy Joint Winds Up In Someone’s Lunch

A 32-year-old Georgia woman was arrested and fired from her gig at Wendy’s after she “misplaced” a marijuana cigarette she was nursing inside a cheeseburger later served to a customer, according to online reports. Police said that a woman called…

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