Meal planning with food allergies

food allergies

People with food allergies may be susceptible to poor nutrition if they follow only the “one size fits all” allergen-free recipes that avoid all known allergens. Fortunately there are ways to plan meals that include as many nutrients as possible…

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Causes for irritable bowel syndrome

Causes for irritable bowel syndrome

Besides infections and post-infectious states, there are many different theories on the origin of irritable bowel syndrome. There is still disagreement whether the problem is caused peripherally (the gut itself), centrally (in the brain) or in both. Bowel Syndrome –…

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Alternative treatments for managing eating disorders

eating disorder

As conditions such as eating disorders and depression may in some cases be identified as very complex to treat, a variety of combinations in terms of treatment approaches may be effective in helping to support those affected to both achieve…

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When are audio levels harmful to Ears

The human ear is exposed to a myriad of sounds (audio) at each day. Whether one is working at industrial plants with heavy machinery, travelling through noisy highways on a motorcycle, doing simple DIY projects at home with power drills,…

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How to live well with fibromyalgia


When living with fibromyalgia pain, attitude and trial-and-error can mean the difference between being completely disabled by the disorder or having a relatively normal lifestyle. It is well known in psychology that the way one approaches chronic pain determines, to…

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What are Brain Allergies?

Brain Allergies

Most people with allergies have had the experience of feeling sluggish, tired or irritable after exposure to something they are allergic to. This is the slightest hint of what brain allergies are like. People with psychoactive allergies can experience anything…

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CT Scan and Increased Risk of Cancer

CT Scan

Over 68 million CT scans are performed annually in the United States. The numbers of these scans are increasing with clinicians casting wider diagnostic nets and with patients requesting (and paying for) broader preventative and prophylactic imaging. A new study…

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Anemia Study and Older Adults


A study recent study in the Netherlands of 85 year old inhabitants of a single community was done to determine if anemia alone was a predictor of death. Although a variety of conditions have a tendency to accompany anemia it…

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How does eating fiber reduce cholesterol

fiber reduce cholesterol

A lot of hype surrounds the dilemma of including more fiber in your diet. High fiber diet products, cereals, powders and breakfast bars abound at the grocery store. A doctor may have recommended eating oatmeal, salads or whole grains as…

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These beverages cause weight gain

fruit juice

Many people watch what they eat, but don’t watch what they drink. Beverages that many people drink often, such as soda and alcohol, are loaded with calories, which can contribute to weight gain. The average American gets a fifth of…

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