Prom films featuring high school dances

Prom Films featuring high school dances

Prom – the quintessential scene in every high school movie. As one of the defining moments of American adolescence, why shouldn’t it be? Pre-prom decisions can be stressful: what to wear? Who to go with? What kind of limo to…

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Frances Reid – Known for Alice Horton on Days of Our Lives

Frances Reid - Known for Alice Horton on Days of Our Lives

Frances Reid was born in 1914 in Wichita Falls, Texas and moved to California when she was a child, gaining her acting education at the Pasadena Playhouse. Frances Reid’s Many Roles on Television Frances Reid began on the soap Days…

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Outer space in movies – true or false?

Outer space in movies - true or false?

A rich imagination is integral for the makers of a memorable science fiction film or television series, but how true are some of the scenarios that made it to the screen? The Time Machine (1960) Is time travel possible? Until…

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Zombie movies: A beginner’s primer

Zombie Movies

George A. Romero started the zombie sub-genre with Night of the Living Dead (1968), a brilliant film built on a shoe-string, five-hundred-thousand dollar budget (which has received an incredible $30 million dollar gross worldwide). In Night, Romero introduces us to…

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Top 5 horror movies

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Some younger movie fans might want to get into these horror films but is clueless on where to start. There are so many out there and so many sub genres that it’s hard to know where to begin. There are…

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Amelie is actually a terrible movie

Amelie is Actually a Terrible Movie

Throughout the early millennium, college students and hipsters alike felt a strong affinity with the film Amelie. Despite the largely positive and eager excitement from most audience members, looking back at the movie now a viewer can see how heavy-handed…

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Golden Globe history and trivia

Golden Globe history and trivia

During World War II, a group of eight foreign journalists living in Los Angeles formed an organization which came to be known as the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. It has since grown in numbers and prestige. The History of the…

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Patrick Swayze biography – impressive acting career

Patrick Swayze biography - impressive acting career

Patrick Swayze is a three time Golden Globe nominated actor who is best known for his leading man roles in Ghost and Dirty Dancing. His handsome looks, talent and charm have earned him the status of a pop culture icon.…

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Classic romantic movies about deception

Charade (1963)

Most of today’s romances focus on reality – being true to yourself, keeping it real, being genuine, and expressing what’s in your heart. Many earlier movies from the 1940s through 1960s found romance and intrigue in discovering the real people…

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Celebrity dogs Sandy, Pluto, Goofy and Snoopy

Atlanta Quarterback Michael Vick’s dog-fighting story generated a slew of newspaper cartoons, including some depicting him being tried by a jury of dogs. It was a reminder of America’s strong love affair with cartoon dogs, going all the way back…

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