How to choose child’s first musical instrument

musical instrument

Should Kids Learn Music Obviously, no parent wants to drag his, or her, child kicking and screaming to a music lesson. However, there is strong evidence to suggest that learning a musical instrument is good for a child. Principally, this…

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Sounds of the Season concert at University of Toronto Scarborough

Sounds of the Season

UTSC “Sounds of the Season” concert demonstrates a love for music, a dedication to good music and the initiative of students and faculty to make the program grow. Musical education is prominent in high schools and most universities offer music…

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Top 10 songs by The Beatles that kids always love to listen

The Beatles

The music of the Beatles permeates through many generations, and the songs are timeless. The lyrics and melodies differ widely from song to song; some are upbeat tunes, some are melancholy ballads, and some have a hard rock edge. For…

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Lady Gaga proves she acts good too with A Star is Born movie

lady gaga - a star is born

Music and acting may not go well simultaneously for many, but Lady Gaga has proved it by making some wide choices. She had earlier won a Golden Globe award for the American Horror Story: Hotel, and now she is appearing…

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Tim Booth Clarified His New Album Is Not About Donald Trump

Singer Tim Booth made it very clear that his band James’ latest album, Living in Extraordinary Times, is not an album about Donald Trump.The opening track Hank makes no attempt to pretend it’s anything other than a full-on musical assault…

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Rape Claim Against Backstreet Boys Singer Nick Carter Under Review

The rape allegation leveled against Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter earlier this year has now hit the desk of the L.A. County DA and they’re considering whether to file charges.Law enforcement sources tell us the case was submitted to the…

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Ella Mai topped the US R&B

Ella Mai, a 23-year-old from south London, is currently at number one with Boo’d Up, a soulful infatuation anthem she first released last year. It makes her the first British to reach the summit since Lisa Stansfield hit number one…

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Mamma Mia soundtracks top UK album chart

The UK album chart is awash with soundtracks in a way that hasn’t been seen since the 1960s. The cast recording of the Abba movie sequel Mamma Mia!: Here We Go Again is at number one, mirroring its position in…

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Sir Cliff Richard To Recieve £850,000 As His Legal Expenses

A judge ruled last week that the BBC had infringed the singer’s privacy in its reporting of a South Yorkshire Police raid on his home in 2014, and awarded him £210,000 in damages. Sir Cliff was never arrested or charged…

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How the Symphony Began


These are terms used loosely, however. People are often ‘going to a symphony’ and pop songs have ‘symphony’ in their titles, but these are such casual usages that they’re almost without meaning. What, exactly, is a symphony and its function?…

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