Should music appreciation be a required subject in high school


A study in high school music appreciation should hold the attention of, as well as educate, every student attending such a class. This objective should be maintained whether a student can sing or play an instrument. For the intent of…

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A Christmas Carol for Any Time of Year

Christmas Carol

During the Christmas season, many will take to the streets, churches, and even schools to sing the beautiful Christmas carols. “Joy to the World” is quite possibly one of the most positive and uplifting carols of the Christmas season. Background…

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Best dance songs of early 1960s

best dance songs of 60s

There are so many great songs from the 60s that make everyone, from little kids to old grandfathers, want to jump up and dance. While, it’s tough to narrow the top hits down to the best of the 60s, both…

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Top 50s Rock & Roll Music Hit Songs – Dance Fun

50s songs

Want to put together some hot 50s dance songs for an oldies party? Here are a few of the best 50s rock-and-roll dance songs of all time. Most of these singles made Rolling Stone’s “The RS 500 Greatest Songs of…

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TikTok – The Chinese Lip-Syncing App You’ve Never Heard Of

TikTok - The Chinese Lip-Syncing App You've Never Heard Of

Seemingly out of nowhere a Chinese video-sharing app has become the biggest free download on the App Store. That ranks it higher than the likes of Amazon, YouTube and even Facebook. So far, it has amassed a total of 80m…

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Taking Care of Your Guitar Through Winter


Every northern guitarist runs into this problem when that good old cold wave hits. Wood cracks, strings break, and it takes everything in our ability just to keep the fretboard from falling apart from the sudden lack of humidity. So…

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Beatles first album and its different versions

Beatles first album

Prior to its release, the group had issued two singles: ‘Love Me Do’ (released in 1962) and ‘Please Please Me’. The album contains the A and B sides of the first two singles. The album was recorded in a 14-hour…

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How to choose child’s first musical instrument

musical instrument

Should Kids Learn Music Obviously, no parent wants to drag his, or her, child kicking and screaming to a music lesson. However, there is strong evidence to suggest that learning a musical instrument is good for a child. Principally, this…

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Sounds of the Season concert at University of Toronto Scarborough

Sounds of the Season

UTSC “Sounds of the Season” concert demonstrates a love for music, a dedication to good music and the initiative of students and faculty to make the program grow. Musical education is prominent in high schools and most universities offer music…

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Top 10 songs by The Beatles that kids always love to listen

The Beatles

The music of the Beatles permeates through many generations, and the songs are timeless. The lyrics and melodies differ widely from song to song; some are upbeat tunes, some are melancholy ballads, and some have a hard rock edge. For…

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