Stephen Hawking Biography (1942-2018)

stephen hawking

A tribute article to Stephen Hawking who died early Wednesday (14 March 2018) at his home in Cambridge. He was 76. Stephen Hawking is famous for his contributions in fields of cosmology, relativity and quantum physics related to black holes.…

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The Shape of Water Grabs Oscars For Best Picture

The Shape of Water

The Shape of Water grabbed the best picture at 90th Academy Awards and with this director Guillermo del Toro became the third Mexican filmmaker to win the title following Alejandro G. Inarritu and Alfonso Cuaron. Being a whimsical science-fiction, the…

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SpaceX Launches Beta Satellites Aiming To Provide Global Broadband Internet By 2024


With the successful launch of two test satellites for Starlink on Thursday the rocket company SpaceX hopes could be able to provide worldwide broadband internet by the year 2024. At the clock struck 14:17 UTC at Vandenberg in California the…

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British Government To Double Health Surcharge For Visitors Coming From Outside EU

health surcharge

British government may soon double up the health surcharge paid to 400 pounds per year by long-term visitors and students from India and other countries outside of the European Union (EU). Introduced in April 2015 the health surcharge was earlier…

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Heavy Snowfall Predicted For Southern Scotland, Northern Ireland

Heavy snowfall is predicted for southern Scotland and Northern Ireland by the British Met Office. Travelers are warned for other places including Central Scotland, Fife, Tayside, Lothian and Borders and Strathclyde. The snowfall could be between 15 cm and 25…

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Better To Welcome Immigrants From Norway, Asia: Trump


United States President Donald Trump said Thursday that people from Haiti, El Salvador and African countries come from shithole to America while discussing with lawmakers in his Oval Office about protecting immigrants. He added that US must bring more people…

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US Warns Citizens From Traveling To Pakistan

travel to pakistan

United States released a new travel assessment on Wednesday for its citizens traveling to Pakistan, warning to reconsider visiting the country. Lately relations between the two nations have been nosedived following the tweet of President Donald Trump on January 1…

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Trump Suspends Aid To Pakistan

donald trump

It seems the music has been turned off for Pakistan by the United States. Donald Trump has taken down bells and whistles. He has suspended over $1 billion in security assistance to the country. The president has made the point…

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NYC’s Bronx Fire Occurred From Child’s Play: Authorities

bronx fire

Authorities have come up with the cause of Thursday night’s Bronx apartment building fire that killed eight adults and four children. Two children on the first-floor apartment is learned to have a history of playing with burners and playing with…

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South Korean Tightens Bitcoin Investors; Real Names Required In Trading


Bitcoin has grown several unexpected folds in 2017 and concerned to safeguard investors and others to some extent the South Korean government today said virtual currencies should be traded in real names in the country. It will be easier for…

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