British Travelers Paying More In Europe As School Summer Holiday Begins


Britons are being offered the worst ever foreign exchange rates. It is as low as 88 euro cents against a pound at British airports when holidaymakers are heading to Europe. The lowest reported being offered at the Cardiff airport. Travelers…

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BREAKING: Powerful Quake, Aftershocks Hit Turkey, Greece; 2 Dead

powerful quake

At least two people have been left dead and many injured in Turkey and Greece after a massive earthquake of 6.7-magnitude hit the region. The quake struck at 1:31 a.m. local time and was near to the Bodrum and Datca…

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Bodies Of Lost Couple Found On Melting Glacier In Switzerland After 7 Decades

lost swiss couple

A Swiss couple went missing 75 years ago and now their bodies have been found on a melting glacier in Switzerland. According to Swiss police the couple were Marcelin Dumoulin and Francine Dumoulin, and both of them disappeared some seven…

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Saudi Arabia Police Arrests, Questions Model Khulood For Violating Dress Code

Saudi Arabia Police

Saudi Arabia police have arrested and are questioning the young model who walked through the heritage village of Ushayqir wearing short skirt and crop top, which is considered as indecent clothing in the country. According to local media the model,…

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Model Walks Dressed In Skirt, Top In Saudi Arabia Village; Arrest Warrant Issued

saudi arabia

A model named Khulood walked in a skirt and black top through a small town in Saudi Arabia in defiance of the strict dress laws in the country. An arrest warrant has been issued against her for violating the law…

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Long-Hour Office Work Risks Heart: Study

Long-Hour Office Work

In one of the latest studies it is revealed long-hour office culture can be bad for your heart apart from affecting the social life. Led by Professor Mika Kivimaki from the department of epidemiology at University College, London, the research…

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A 5YO Too Being Investigated By UK Police For Sexting

uk police

A new data reveals UK police is investigating a serious matter about children sexting and has found as young as five years old has been found in the act. The data adds about four hundred children below the age of…

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Church Of England To Vote On New Sexuality Policy

Governing body of the Church of England is all set to vote whether special services should be held for transgender people amid protests citing Bible that humans are created either male or female and supporters clinging on the notion such…

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Over 120 UN Members Agree Ban On Nuclear Weapons

nuclear weapons

Most of the United Nations member countries have agreed to a treaty to ban nuclear weapons at the UN headquarters in New York City. The treaty was approved by 122 votes while Netherlands opposed and Singapore abstained. United States, United…

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Birmingham City Council Bars ‘Burhan Wani Day’ Rally Permission

Burhan Wani Day

The Birmingham City Council has acted fast over strong protest of Indian government to ban the “Burhan Wani Day” rally that is scheduled to be held on Saturday at Victoria Square. Burhan Wani was a militant of Hizb-ul-Mujahideen and was…

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