David Davis Urges MPs To Pass Brexit Bill Unchanged

theresa may

Brexit secretary David Davis has urged the members of parliament to allow the bill pass unchanged in the House of Commons on Monday when it will be debated. If the MPs pass the bill on Monday unchanged, the Article 50…

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BREAKING: Article 50 Could Be Initiated On Tuesday

brexit, article 50

British Prime Minister Theresa May is lately learned could be triggering Article 50 for the withdrawal of United Kingdom from European Union by Tuesday to the earliest provided the Brexit bill passes by the MPs on Monday. Granting the parliament…

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Bridges In Thousands Incapable Of Supporting Heaviest Lorries: Survey

britain bridges

Too many bridges in United Kingdom are lately revealed by RAC Foundation are unable to support for the heaviest lorries that can weigh up to 44 tonnes. In a new study it is found 3,203 bridges are either not made…

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International Women’s Day To Hit With Strike In 50 Countries Against Paid, Unpaid Labor

International Women's Day

Tomorrow will be the most political International Women’s Day in history. Over fifty countries across the world will see strike by women from paid and unpaid labor. Millions from Thailand to Poland, the United States to Australia will be participating…

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Women Are Less Intelligent, Should Earn Less Than Men: Polish Politician

Polish Politician

Women must earn less than man. The sentence is highly controversial and now in debated too. A Polish politician commented it citing they are weaker gender and are less intelligent as well. Janusz Korwin-Mikke had earlier said women should not…

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Scientists Discover Oldest Fossils From Canada, Dates Back 4.28 Billion Years

Scientists have found fossils dating back to as early as 4.28 billion years in Canadian rocks and calls it to be of some of the earliest living organisms on our planet. Those are comprised of tiny tubes and filaments that…

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Two Women Charged With Murder In Assassination Of North Korean Dictator’s Half-Brother

kim jong nam murder

The two women who were suspected involved in the assassination of North Korean dictator’s estranged half-brother have now been charged of murder using a super-toxic nerve agent VX (venom X series) that killed him in minutes on February 13 at…

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British Chambers Of Commerce Urges For Delaying Brexit

theresa may

British business leaders have lately urged the government to delay Brexit if no trade deal is struck with the European Union (EU) even by the end of two-year negotiating process. The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) was earlier against Brexit…

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NASA Scientists Discover Three Earth-Like Planets


A new solar system has been discovered. NASA scientists say the planets in it are of the size of Earth and those could support life. A total of seven planets have been found and three of those sit within the…

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Amazon To Hire 5K Workforce In UK In 2017


Amazon has lately said to be creating 5,000 more jobs in the United Kingdom by the end of this year and 10,000 more in rest of Europe. The number claimed for UK includes its three fulfilment centers which are scheduled…

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