Resident Evil 2 remake releasing Jan 25, Friday

Resident Evil 2 remake

The Resident Evil 2 remake is scheduled to be released on January 25, Friday, and lately the creators are talking more and more about it. Producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi and director Kazunori Kadoi revealed during an event in Dubai that campaign…

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Polish mayor Pawel Adamowicz stabbed on charity event stage dies

Polish mayor Pawel Adamowicz

Polish mayor Pawel Adamowicz from Gdansk died Monday in hospital after being attacked on stage during the nation’s biggest charity event. The 53-year-old politician was seen falling to floor, holding stomach, in a TV footage. He was stabbed following delivering…

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Weather forecast: Freezing temperatures, heavy snowfall in January-end

The weekend will have mild temperatures but thereafter a cold snap is warned for United Kingdom. Towards the end of January the temperatures will further dip, said Met Office. A weather report from the Met office revealed Saturday and Sunday…

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Will Trump be announcing national emergency tonight

national emergency

The US partial government shutdown is now leading to 32nd active national emergency and address of President Trump to the nation Tuesday night may get an announcement. Trump has been claiming the illegal immigrants are streaming across the border even…

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Large block of casing stone from Great Pyramid of Giza to go on display in Scotland

pyramid stone display

Large block of casing stone of fine white limestone from the Great Pyramid of Giza will go on display from February 8 at the National Museum of Scotland. It came to Scotland from UK in 1872, arranged by Astronomer Royal…

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Prisoners to enjoy in-cell phones across England, Wales prisons

england wales prisons

It is time for inmates to rejoice as twenty prisons in England and Wales are to get the facility of in-cell phones. It will help to reduce violence and reoffending. The government had earlier announced its plans of installing such…

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Is Jim Mattis justifying Trump lately being wrong in foreign policies

jim mattis

Did Jim Mattis shattered the glass that could be broken during emergency? His resignation is now evident President Trump wants to forge its own foreign policy. Rather, Trump is lately doing so. However, the resignation of Defense Secretary has been…

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Met office: Weekend and next week will be comparatively colder

met office weather forecast

Met office has warned the temperature would be colder in next few days as there is change in wind direction. North and east of England may get increased snow later this month with cold air moving in from the east.…

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Trump cancels trip to American cemetery in France citing bad weather

donald trump in france

United States President Donald Trump cancelled his trip to the Beleau Wood battlefield and a US military cemetery in French capital Paris due to bad weather. According to a statement released by the White House the president has dispatched another…

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British PM Theresa May hints delaying Brexit for months

British PM Theresa May

Brexit would be delayed by about months to avoid hard border in Ireland, said British prime minister Theresa May without any extension information on its transition. The scheduled end-date of final departure of Britain from European Union (EU) is December…

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