Summer Vacation To Change For Britons In Wake Of Brexit

summer vacation

There could be dark clouds even when the skies are brightening this summer in the wake of Brexit. Your summer holiday will be affected while the UK’s withdrawal progress from EU is on the way. British Prime Minister Theresa May…

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British GDP Slowed To Half Of Forecast In First Quarter

british gdp

The first quarter economic growth of United Kingdom slowed down significantly and economists are now putting up questions whether this is the start of Brexit stagnation. The British GDP from January to March was recorded at 0.3 percent and the…

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In Anti-Gulen Crackdown Turkey Detains, Suspends Police Officers In Thousands

turkey, fethullah gulen, recep tayyip erdogan

In another massive crackdown Turkey has arrested over 1,000 people and more than nine thousand police have been suspected to be supporting the US-based preacher Fethullah Gulen who is accused of masterminding the failed coup attempt last year against President…

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Nestle To Shift Blue Riband Factory From Britain To Poland; 300 Jobs At Risk

Nestle To Shift Blue Riband Factory

Nestle will be shifting its Blue Riband chocolate biscuit production from Britain to Poland and with this about three hundred people will be thrown out of jobs. The Swiss confectionery giant however denied the move is due to the Brexit,…

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BREAKING: Massive 6.9 Earthquake Hits Chile Causing No Serious Damage

chile santiago 6.9 earthquake

Chile’s capital Santiago was rocked by a massive earthquake on Monday causing alarm along the Pacific Coast without any serious damage. The US Geological Survey measured the quake at 6.9-magnitude centred about 85 miles from the capital city and 22…

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Centrist Macron, Far-Right Leader Le Pen On French Presidential Race

Centrist Macron, Far-Right Leader Le Pen

In the first round of voting on Sunday in France the two names emerged for the presidential race are Centrist Emmanuel Macron and far-right leader Marine Le Pen. London-based fund manager and head of currency management at Insight Investment Management,…

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France Goes On Presidential Polls Amid Tight Security, Widespread Panic

May 7 is an important day for French people when the country will get the new president after judging fate of 11 candidates. For the overseas citizens the polling stations opened up on Saturday and voting to start on Sunday…

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Britain’s National Grid Tweets First Ever Working Day Without Coal On Friday

britain's coal-free day

Electricity reached a milestone on Friday in Britain. The working day was first-ever without coal power since the Industrial Revolution. The National Grid tweeted it is the first ever working day with continuous 24-hour coal-free period for the country since…

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Salty Snacks Causes Hunger, Not Thirst: Study

salty snacks,

You may not be satisfied eating just one chip from a packet full of potato chips. A new study finds salty snacks make us more hungry, not more thirsty. Salt stimulates our appetite. The study was conducted by an international…

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British PM Theresa May Calls For General Election To Secure Brexit Mandate

theresa may

June 8 may come as a new voting day for Britons to secure Brexit mandate. Prime Minister Theresa May has called for general election, stunning Westminster, to get clear lead and a healthy parliamentary majority to secure her vision for…

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