More People In 30s, 40s With Children Leaving London

More people are lately leaving London to find a new life in other places of United Kingdom. A data reveals during the year to June 2017 at least 330,000 people migrated and the biggest exodus was Newham. In 2016 the…

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Europe Proposes Ban on 10 Plastic Products

plastic product

A ban on single-use plastic items including cotton buds, straws and cutlery has been proposed by European Commission and awaits the approval of all European Union member states as well as the European Parliament. A total of ten items has…

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Wales Bans Smoking Outside Hospital, School Spaces

smoking ban

Wales has banned smoking outside school and hospital premises and the restriction is to start from summer of next year to protect people from secondhand smoke as well as de-normalise smoking for young people and children. Most of the hospitals…

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Holy Month Ramadan Begins May 17: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Australia, Bahrain, Kuwait

holy month ramadan

The holy month of Ramadan for Muslims is to begin Thursday, May 17, in UAE, making Wednesday the last day of Shaaban. Wam announced in a tweet Tuesday night mentioning crescent was not sighted today. Similarly, Jordan, Bahrain and Kuwait…

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London Bans Junk Food Ads On Tube, Bus, Train Network To Curb Child Obesity

junk food ads

London has banned junk food advertisements on tubes and busses to help curbing childhood obesity epidemic. Mayor Sadiq Khan said those foods and drinks which are high in salt, sugar and fat will not be seen in ads on London’s…

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UK Enjoying Worst Press Freedom In Western Europe: Report

press freedom

Reporters are more restricted in United Kingdom than other countries in western Europe, finds a new study in annual World Press Freedom Index. According to Reporters Without Borders the country is placed at 40th place3 in global ranking of 180…

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Queen Elizabeth II Turns 92

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II turns 92. She is the longest reigning monarch in Britain and to celebrate the big day the Royal Family Twitter account released Saturday some of her related photos from archive, from her younger days. In one of…

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Auckland’s Sickening Case: Mum Sold Teen Daughter 1000 Times As Sex Slave

new zealand mum

A Fiji mother, living as illegal immigrants in New Zealand, was convicted Tuesday by a High Court in Auckland for selling her teenage daughter 1000 times as sex slaves over a period of two years. Justice Matthew Muir pronounced a…

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Pillar Of India’s Taj Mahal Collapsed In Thunderstorm

Tan Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, in Indian city Agra suffered a pillar collapse Wednesday night due to thunderstorm and heavy rainfall with wind speed of more than 100 kmph. The 12-foot metal pillar was at…

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Assad Regime Poisoned 500 People In Douma, Syria: Claims


World Health Organization has come up with report to the recent chemical weapon attack in Syria’s Douma revealing about 500 people were affected. The report was on Wednesday and it is based on reports from WHO’s Health Cluster partners. Eastern…

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