US Warns Citizens From Traveling To Pakistan

travel to pakistan

United States released a new travel assessment on Wednesday for its citizens traveling to Pakistan, warning to reconsider visiting the country. Lately relations between the two nations have been nosedived following the tweet of President Donald Trump on January 1…

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Trump Suspends Aid To Pakistan

donald trump

It seems the music has been turned off for Pakistan by the United States. Donald Trump has taken down bells and whistles. He has suspended over $1 billion in security assistance to the country. The president has made the point…

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NYC’s Bronx Fire Occurred From Child’s Play: Authorities

bronx fire

Authorities have come up with the cause of Thursday night’s Bronx apartment building fire that killed eight adults and four children. Two children on the first-floor apartment is learned to have a history of playing with burners and playing with…

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South Korean Tightens Bitcoin Investors; Real Names Required In Trading


Bitcoin has grown several unexpected folds in 2017 and concerned to safeguard investors and others to some extent the South Korean government today said virtual currencies should be traded in real names in the country. It will be easier for…

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BREAKING: Commuter Bus Plows Into Subway Killing 4; Terror Possibilities Ruled Out

moscow accident

Terror attack has been ruled out in the Moscow mishap Monday night when a bus ploughed into a subway at around 3:50 p.m. local time killing four people and injuring eleven others. The commuter bus ploughed into the pedestrian passage…

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BREAKING: Fire At London Zoo; 10 Fire Engines, 70 Firefighters Deployed

london zoo fire

At around 6 in the morning a call was received at London fire brigade reporting fire to the Adventure café and shop near the Meerkat enclosure in London. Photos circulating in social media show smoke billowing from the building. Ten…

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False Terror Rumor Spread Panic At Oxford Circus, London

Shops were shut down and two of the streets were cordoned off near to Oxford Circus tube station Friday evening in London after fears of terror attack erupted that was later believed to be a fight between two people on…

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What Is Green House Effect?

Green House Effect

Most of you have seen glass greenhouse in which gardeners grow flowers and vegetables during cold weather. While green houses are heated, much of the warmth comes from radiation. Light rays penetrate the glass and strike the soil and other…

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BREAKING: Ekho Moskvy Radio Journalist Stabbed In Throat In Moscow

Radio Journalist

Reporter of an independent radio station Ekho Moskvy was stabbed in the throat in her office on Monday and currently she is battling for life at a hospital after surgery. Deputy editor Tatyana Felgenhauer is best known for her popular…

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BREAKING: Man Stabs 8 People In Munich, Germany


BREAKING: Man Stabs 8 People In Munich, Germany Eight people were stabbed by a man with knife in Munich on Saturday. About three hours later the suspect, believed to be a local German, was arrested. The incidence took place in…

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