Saudi-Led Airstrike On A Hotel In Yemen Kills 60

yemen war

About sixty people are feared killed in an airstrike on a hotel in Yemen’s Arhab, north of the national capital, and considered as mass casualty event in a war that broke in 2015 leading to nearly three million people to…

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UK Will Not Be Under ECJ Direct Jurisdiction Post-Brexit


Post-Brexit the United Kingdom will not come under the direct jurisdiction of Luxembourg-based European Court of Justice (ECJ), reveals a government policy paper. However, critics still believe the word “direct” may mean ECJ might play a role even after the…

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Big Ben Turns Silent For Major Repair Work

big ben

Monday, the 21st of August, the iconic clock tower of the Houses of Parliament in London went silent. For the next four years the Big Ben will remain silent while the major repair work takes place. The 13 ton bell…

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Barcelona Terror Attack Driver Alive, At Large; Manhunt In Process

Barcelona Terror Attack

The suspected driver of white van that killed 13 on Thursday in Spanish city Barcelona in a terror attack claimed by ISIS is on a search. The Moroccan-born Younes Abouyaaqoub is believed to be still alive and on the run.…

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BREAKING: Terror Attack In Barcelona; 13 Dead, 100 Injured

barcelona attack

Terror attack in a tourist place in Barcelona on Thursday killed more than a dozen people at the peak of vacation season. A driver mowed a van through crowds in historic Las Ramblas district injuring scores of others too. The…

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Hindu, Jewish Lesbians Marry At Chutney Ivy Restaurant In Leicester


The Chutney Ivy restaurant in Leicester, United Kingdom, witnessed a different kind of marriage. A Hindu woman tied knot to her Jewish soulmate on Saturday and it is believed to be the first interfaith lesbian wedding in the country. Earlier…

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Big Ben Un-Chiming For Four Long Years Asked For Review By MPs

big ben bell

The Big Ben may not remain silent for long four years as reported earlier due to refurbishing project. Members of Parliament have called for a review to it and whether it can chime more frequently than earlier announced. The officials…

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Big Ben Restoration Project Starts August 21

big ben

The Big Ben restoration project will kick off on August 21 and for another four years it will not sound the hours though it will surely sound on big occasions like the Remembrance Sunday. The conservation project of the iconic…

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Google Fires Senior Software Engineer For Writing Anti-Women Memo


Google is reported to have fired a senior software engineer for writing a controversial memo on women. He is learned to have written criticizing diversity initiatives which was leaked online and sparked good protests on social media. A former software…

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Stopper Of WannaCry Malware Arrested By FBI

wannacry malware

The stopper of WannaCry malware attack is now under federal arrest alleged of developing software to target banking sector. Marcus Hutchins currently is an employee of security firm Kryptos Logic in Los Angeles and was highly praised earlier this year…

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