Hurricane Maria Effect – Dominica has been devastated

Hurricane Maria

Dominica has been completely cut off from other Caribbean islands after being hit by Hurricane Maria that destroyed properties and disrupted communication networks. Power has been cut off and many people have been confirmed dead. The island was first hit…

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BREAKING: Massive Earthquake Kills 140 In Mexico

mexico earthquake

A 7.1-magnitude earthquake struck Mexico Tuesday, on the anniversary of a powerful 1985 quake, killing more than 140 people and injuring tons of others. At least 49 buildings have been collapsed and rescue crews are looking for survivors in the…

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London Tube Bomb Attack Suspect Captured In CCTV Footage

New CCTV footage reveals the London Tube bomb suspect on his way to plant the device. He is dressed in grey and was carrying with him a Lidl carrier bag. The bag is same that went off at the Parsons…

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BREAKING: IED Blast In London Tube Train; 22 Injured

london tube train

About two dozen people have been injured in an Improvised explosive device (IED) attack at the Parsons Green station of London Tube railway on Friday and police is treating it as an act of terrorism. Reports of a fire were…

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UK Denies Fund To Its Caribbean Territories After Hurricane Irma

hurricane irma

The British government says its Caribbean territories hit by hurricane Irma are too wealthy and does not qualify for aid under the official international criteria, which overseas development assistance. The criteria is set by the OECD thinktank and Conservatives has…

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UN Security Council Imposes Fresh Sanctions On North Korea

north korea

A fresh round of sanctions have been imposed on North Korea following the latest nuclear test. United States proposed a high level harsh sanctions of total ban to oil imports, but Pyongyang allies China and Russia supported reduced measures. Under…

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Should Theresa May Quit

Theresa May

British Prime Minister Theresa May must not quit. All the Tory MPs agree she should stay back to her chair until 2019 when the Brexit process is completed and United Kingdom finally bids adieu to the European Union. Number of…

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Lego To Shed 8 Percent Jobs


Come this year-end and there will be cut of 1,400 jobs at Lego citing first drop in sales in over a decade. The 85-year-old Danish toymaker is currently facing weaker demand in United States and several parts of the European…

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North Korea Launches Missile Over Japan; UN Calls Emergency Meeting

North Korea Launches Missile

Is it an attack or just a threat. North Korea fired a missile over northern Japan on Tuesday morning Korean time. Even though the missile crashed into the sea, but it flew over the Hokkaido island. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo…

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Riots, Arson Attacks In North India Over ‘Godman’ Ram Rahim’s Court Verdict In Rape Case

ram rahim

Riots and arson attacks have broke in several parts of northern India following a verdict of court convicting a flamboyant spiritual leader, Ram Rahim Singh, of raping tow of his female followers. Until now 25 people have lost their lives…

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