Five best Royal modern films

Victoria and Albert (2001)

Victoria and Albert (2001) BBC miniseries depicting the engagement and marriage of Queen Victoria (Victoria Hamilton) and Prince Albert (Jonathan Firth), it predominately focused on the earlier years of their union, featuring performances by Peter Ustinov, Nigel Hawthorne, and David…

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Four best Royal classic films

Fall of Eagles (1974)

Fall of Eagles (1974) 13-part BBC miniseries taking a somewhat extensive look at the events leading up to the World War I era fall of some European dynasties, the series begins in England, showing the marriage of Princess Vicky, the…

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What Is the Mortgage Life Cycle?

What Is the Mortgage Life Cycle

The mortgage life cycle is the series of stages that a mortgage passes through starting with the mortgage loan application all the way to the loan’s final payment. Although different mortgages feature different loan terms and interest rates, every mortgage…

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Trump to visit UK next week; Meghan on maternity leave

trump - meghan markle

Donald Trump is scheduled for UK visit next week and just ahead of it he branded the ‘nasty’ words of Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, who once called him as ‘misogynistic’ and ‘divisive’ during the 2016 election campaign and…

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The Royal Air Force

The Royal Naval Air Service, originally the naval wing of the flying service, had long competed for resources with others, including the Royal Flying Corps. The amalgamation was not a happy union to start with but the airmen soon became…

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The First Bishops’ War 1639

First Bishops' War

In 1637, Charles I attempted to force a new prayer book on the Scottish Church. This met with immediate opposition, including riots in Edinburgh. The opposition eventually organized into a group called the Covenanters who formed an army in order…

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Royal logistics corps museum surrey

Royal logistics corps museum

When the regimental museums of the forming corps closed with the merger, the individual collections, except for the Royal Engineers, were brought under one roof to form the RLC Museum of today. Arriving at the museum, one finds a grander…

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Prince Harry, wife Meghan to move out of Kensington Place, away from London

Prince Harry, wife Meghan

No more. Prince Harry and his wife Meghan will no more stay in Kensington Palace. The newlywed couple has decided to move out even away from London. If believed to reports the two are setting up home in the grounds…

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Wrong Rumors of Royal Wedding – Prince Harry with Meghan Markle

Prince Harry with Meghan Markle

The rumor mills is overdrive before the weeding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and here are some of the wrong rumors that spread across social media platforms and other media after the couple announced to be wedding. Before March…

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The Royal Wedding – A Brief Knowhow

The Royal Wedding

Who is the bride 33-year-old Prince Harry. He is also known as Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales officially. Who is the groom 36-year-old Meghan, whoc full name is Rachel Meghan Markle. She is an American actress and well…

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